Starting point of AIK Energy

The starting point in the development of the AIK Energy LTD, a company established in United Kingdom, is the year 2013, when AIK Energy Ltd. began trading petroleum products, crude oil and condensate in Central and Eastern Europe. The company gradually expanded its presence on the European gas & energy markets, being now registered in United Kingdom, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania, The Czech Republic, Italy, Greece, Ukraine and Moldova.

The Group’s rapid growth is due mainly to the rigorous business plan developed and executed by our wide experienced team. 

The AIK Energy Group enhanced on the profitable resources of natural gas and power and is currently diversifying its trading platform and portfolio by establishing its local presence in several European countries: Germany, Italy, Slovakia, Serbia, Greece, the Netherlands, France, Spain, Belgium, Croatia, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Albania, Poland and Turkey.

The Network

Aiming to fulfill the first stage of the expansion plan, in 2017 were created AIK Energy Ltd. Londra – Sucursala Bucuresti (Bucharest Branch), AIK Energy Ukraine, AIK Energy SRL – Moldova, followed in 2019 by the incorporation of AIK Energy Austria, the acquisition of Keroleum KFT Hungary – later known as AIK Energy Hungary and the acquisition of Valahia Gaz – later known as AIK Energy Romania. 

We work on the forefront of innovation and technology to take products from an idea all the way to the end consumer.



Volumes traded Gas & Power
20,930,000 MWh
€ 423,000,000



Volumes Traded Gas & Power
12,650,000 MWh
Gross Profit
€ 15,000,000



Driven by strong values of professionalism, reliability, flexibility, innovation and social responsibility, the company encountered a rapid growth on the European market.  

According to ANRE (Romanian Energy Regulatory Authority) AIK Energy, through its subsidiaries, held in 2019 a 35% market share of the imported natural gas in Romania.


Moreover, the volumes traded over Europe in 2020 reached almost 21,000,000 MWh, proving once again the sustainability of AIK Energy’s strategy and performance. 

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Romanian wholesale gas market

The company focused in 2018 on the gas trading activity and managed to sell from October 2018 to June 2019 6.2 Million MWh, generating a turnover of EUR 120 Millionaspect that made AIK Energy Ltd. the second largest gas supplier for Romania in Q1/2019, with a market share of 17.2%In addition, ANRE reports positioned AIK Energy as the largest importer of natural gas of the country. 


Harald Reiner Kraft
Managing Director AIK Energy Ltd.
Gabrielle Costigan
Managing Director AIK Energy Austria Gmbh
Attila Marczy
Managing Director AIK Energy Hungary Kft.
Sergiu Balan
Managing Director AIK Energy Romania SRL
Victor Binzari
Managing Director AIK Energy SRL (Moldova)
Andrii Gusakovskii
Managing Director AIK Energy Ukraine TOB
Poza Harald Kraft
Mr. Harald Reiner Kraft
Managing Director AIK Energy Ltd.

Representative of the Bucharest Branch

AIK Energy Ltd. UK is managed by Mr. Harald Reiner Kraft, an energy professional with over 40 years of experience in the oil & gas industry, out of which 22 years in Romania, holding a PHD in Petroleum Engineering at the Technical University, Clausthal, Germany.

His working experience at Wintershall group in Romania, as well as him being the Managing Director of the natural gas division at OMV Petrom and country manager of Stratum Energy Romania LLC recommend him as one of the best professionals in the area.

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