Expansion Plans

Geographical expansion

AIK Energy’s first stage of the geographical expansion strategy is planned to be delivered by the end of 2025 and is focused on the Central and Southern Europe markets. 

We are currently expanding the group’s structure and activities to the bordering countries of our main continental trading hubs (Austria, Hungary and Romania) through the acquisition and incorporation of subsidiaries in the next relevant countries of the region: Germany, Italy, Slovakia, Greece, Netherlands, France, Spain, Belgium, Bulgaria and Poland and by obtaining trading and supplying licenses/permits from the assimilated local energy regulatory authorities.

Our mid-term plans include:

Increased market share

Increasing AIK Energy’s market share by developing further gas, electricity and oil trading lines with new partners in Romania and other countries in the region such as Austria, Hungary, Serbia, Greece, Slovakia, Albania, Poland, Germany, Italy, Bulgaria, Netherlands, France, Spain and Belgium.


Initiating the electricity trading activity through import/export and wholesale supply to licensed counterparties in Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary and Ukraine


Developing an end-user gas, energy and oil supply business division for Romania and neighboring countries.

New Position

Developing and acquiring of new positions on emerging energy markets with cross-border transactions and establishing subsidiaries in these regions.

Oil Trading

Increasing crude oil trading activity with the refineries we already hold commercial relations - i.e. OMV Schwechat Refinary Austria, OMV Petrom Petrobrazi Romania and NIS Gazprom Neft Serbia (Pancevo and Novi Sad Refinery), Hellenic Petroleum.

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Investments Strategy

The group’s investment strategy includes the development of new resources and ways for the production or transmission of electricity at European level. Thus, the group aims to develop a series of power lines between a number of European countries and allow this way strategic transfers between their energy systems with as few intermediaries as possible.

At the same time, AIK Energy intends to build in the coming years a series of wind farms in the countries where it already owns subsidiaries. Another target is the CO2 storage area.

Our locations

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