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Head Management

AIK Energy

AIK Energy provides expert industrial solutions to businesses. Our team of professionals will ensure that you always get the best results from an award-winning UK firm focused on quality.

Mr. Harald Rainer Kraft

Managing Director AIK Energy Ltd.

AIK Energy Ltd. UK is managed by Mr Harald Rainer Kraft, an energy professional with a PhD in Petroleum Engineering at the Technical University of Clausthal, Germany and over 40 years’ experience in the oil & gas industry, out of which 22 in Romania.

His experience at the Wintershall Group and being the Managing Director of the natural gas division at OMV Petrom and Country Manager of Stratum Energy Romania LLC, recommends him as one of the best professionals in the industry.

Ms. Gabrielle Costigan

Managing Director AIK Energy Austria GmbH

With over 20 years’ experience, Gabrielle has been part of OMV’s senior management team for 12 years. In 2018, in her role as COO, she set up the largest innovation hub in the CEE, in Austria: weXelerate. She has led CAPEX projects and conducted onshore and offshore operations in the CEE and SEE.

Sergiu Balan

Managing Director AIK Energy Romania SRL

Having solid knowledge in trading with energy products, natural gas and petroleum. As well as a strong entrepreneurial spirit, in 2020, AIK Energy Group appointed him Managing Director of AIK Energy Romania.

Victor Binzari

Managing Director AIK Energy SRL

AIK Energy SRL Moldova is managed by Mr Victor Binzari, specialising in public administration, financial and banking management and business development.

Andrii Gusakovskii

Managing Director AIK Energy Ukraine TOB

Highly experienced energy professional, Andrii Gusakovskii has managed the construction and development of many renewable energy sites in Ukraine. He also has extensive expertise in business development, cross-border operations and cooperation, as well as in investment strategies.

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We consider the impact of every action we take. We continuously work on minimising our impact on the climate and environment, complying with the laws and policies in the sector. For more information on how we can work together, contact us today.

Founded in 2013, AIK Energy Ltd is focused on trading petroleum products, crude oil and condensate. Now trading with all energy products including gas and power, AIK Energy has now become a true leader in wholesale energy distribution.

© 2022 AIK Energy Ltd. All Rights Reserved. AIK Energy is a trademark of AIK Energy Ltd. Company No. 8636666.
© 2021 AIK Energy Ltd. All Rights Reserved. AIK Energy is a trademark of AIK Energy Ltd. Company No. 8636666.

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