AIK Energy Hungary Kft. was established in 2019 in Budapest, Hungary, as a subsidiary of AIK Energy Ltd. headquartered in London, United Kingdom. Its activities center around natural gas and power, in accordance with the Group’s business operations in the sectors of natural gas, power, oil products and renewable energy. The subsidiary is now one of the main continental hubs, alongside AIK Energy Austria and AIK Energy Romania. Through its expert knowledge in the energy sector, the company offers customized support according to the requirements of each individual customer.

What we do

AIK Energy Hungary Kft. was granted by the Hungarian Energy and Public Utility Regulatory Authority (HEA) the gas trading license, the subsidiary being now registered on CEEGEX and CEGH. The Hungarian Branch evolved in a fast manner, now holding trading and/ or supplying natural gas licenses in Austria and Romania and is on the process of acquiring permits in other three countries.

To check the areas where AIK Energy Hungary Kft. activates, please consult our page: Licenses. 

Our Team

Experienced, diversified and well-balanced, our team of senior professionals brings extensive expertise in management, finance, legal and operations, in addition to the particularities of the energy industry.  

Our certified traders have solid know how for modern trading technologies, aiming to streamline the links between acquisition and sale.  

The diversity of the AIK Energy team allows us to have a unique understanding and be well connected in numerous energy markets while bringing first-hand experience in the region, from Central and Eastern Europe to the Middle East. 

Aik Energy LTD

Trusting Partner

AIK Energy developed a trusted network of companies and partners to align the local practices with our international business vision, forming accurate, long-term business relations. AIK Energy collaborates openly and transparently with all the energy authorities and financial institutions in Central and Eastern Europe.

Our extensive knowledge and understanding of the European Energy markets for both physical and virtual commodities, alongside the constant harmonization of the legislative variation give all our partners a clear and wide variety of products to choose from. 

Our strong commitment to integrity and transparency allows us to build reliable, trustworthy, long-term relationships, leading AIK Energy to succeed on the highly competitive gas and power market. 

Natural Gas

As a subsidiary of AIK Energy Group,  AIK Energy Hungary has a strategically important role in the Group’s trade chain since the company is a valuable player on local and neighboring markets, trading actively on CEEGEX and having strong partnerships with key players in the energy industry.

Having extensive expertise on natural gas and a strong team of professionals, AIK Energy Hungary is now in the registration process on the key European gas hubs: Gaspool, NCG, TTF and Zeebrugee, as well as at EEX, the main energy exchange hub. 


Through the experience gained, being extremely operative in Europe, AIK Energy Hungary aims to become an active member of the local energy market, its primary goal being to provide the best products and services to its partners.

Considering that the capacity of electricity production is continuously decreasing in Hungary mainly due to the power plants that are becoming more and more outdated, the last year showed already an import ratio of almost 30%. Such a high figure converted the Hungarian market in a great opportunity for energy traders, including AIK Energy Hungary. 

Licensed on gas & energy markets

AIK Energy Hungary Kft. is a licensed energy trader (access HEA License hereand also a licensed gas supplier in Hungary ( Approval of the Commercial Regulation for the Supply of Natural Gas here and the Commercial Gas Supplier License here).  

Licensed Gas Trader

AIK Energy Hungary is taking all necessary actions to become soon a licensed trader in Belgium, The Netherlands and Germany.

Meanwhile, the subsidiary owns licenses as follows: 

  • Austria: through the CEGH Membership is entitled to trade on the Austrian VTP; 
  • Romania: through the Natural Gas Supply License issued by the local Energy Regulatory Authority (ANRE): English version Romanian version, is recognized as a gas supplier on the Romanian market. 

AIK Energy Hungary’s mid-term objectives involve becoming a licensed trader in Belgium, The Netherlands and Germany.



AIK Energy Hungary is growing into a strong leader of the gas and power European industry, having tight business relationships with partners such as:

EFET Partners

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Business Partners

AIK Energy Hungary Kft.

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We consider the impact of every action we take. With this in mind, we continuously work on minimizing our impact on the climate and environment, complying with the laws and policies in the sector. 

We are partners with our employees, customers and stakeholders in order to create added value. 

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