Natural Gas

Solid knowledge of trading

AIK Energy represents a new entrepreneurial energy trading and supplying project, in a continuous process of innovation, creation and evolution. Its mid-term strategy aims to generate better networking and communication between producers and end consumers within the national economies of several European states.

Leading the ideology that a solid knowledge of trading with natural gas, power and oil products, combined with the entrepreneurial spirit of a dedicated and experienced management will pave the way for a successful and proliferating business, AIK Energy has built a strong presence in the energy markets across the Eastern Europe, holding licenses for trading and/ or supplying energy in the United Kingdom, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania, the Czech Republic, Italy, Greece, the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine, being as well an active player on the most important trading hubs and markets in the area: VTP Austria, CEGH, CEEGEX, MGP Hungary, OPCOM, ESP Gazprom, BRM and others. 

Expansion and development

To consolidate the Group’s expansion and development on the international level, our subsidiaries are in process of registration and licensing in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, France, Bulgaria and Poland, as we aim to diversify our portfolio in order to provide our clients with the best quality of the products as well as the smartest price solutions on the market.

Leading supplier

Starting with July 1st 2020, AIK Energy Romania – the main Natural Gas importer of the country, entered also the supply market, managing to bring in the best price for natural gas, price guaranteed for 1 year, this offer becoming in some cases with even 17% more advantageous in comparison with the charge rates proposed by some of the largest suppliers on the market.

AIK Energy aims to be a trusted partner in all the areas where we are active, being recognized for our agility, experience, financial stability and our strength to collaborate successfully with our partners.
It is the company’s philosophy to continuously explore new opportunities and grow by entering new markets and diversifying into new areas of activity.

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