AIK Energy are experienced trader of Natural Gas and Electric, supplying Central, Eastern Europe and the United Kingdom.

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In 2019, AIK Energy Austria GmbH was founded in Vienna, Austria. It is a subsidiary of AIK Energy Ltd and focuses on natural gas, electricity, oil products and renewable energy.

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In 2019, AIK Energy Austria GmbH began trading activities by executing border point transactions, delivering products to commodity wholesale markets and clients. Our growth plans include increasing our reputation as a trustworthy partner across the whole of Europe.


We are dedicated to diversifying our portfolio to provide the highest level of services to our clients. In 2020, AIK Energy Austria obtained trading rights for Romania, Hungary and Austria, demonstrating our commitment to providing exceptional services.

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AIK Energy is a European leader in the energy sector, having been founded in 2013. AIK Energy was originally established to trade petroleum products, crude oil and condensate, but it has since grown into one of the most trusted names in the business with trustworthy knowledge and a widespread presence across Europe’s key gas and energy markets. We serve a vast range of clients throughout Europe.

MR. Harald Rainer Kraft
Managing Director AIK Energy Ltd.
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AIK Energy provides safe, secure, and dependable energy. For the past seven years, AIK Energy have invested substantially in order to build and maintain our position on the European stage.

We surpassed our own aggressive growth targets in 2019 by trading more than  12,500,000 MWh (megawatt-hours) of energy and generating a record annual turnover of £550,000,000


AIK Energy Austria GmbH, a company with extensive natural gas experience in European markets, trades over 1 million MWh of Natural Gas at CEGH each month. All the while, establishing a broad network of partners throughout Europe.


The group’s strategy is likewise reflected in the activities of our subsidiaries. We set as one of our goals; to concentrate on climate obligations, especially as Austria has closed its last coal power plant, making it only the second country in Europe to do so after Ireland.

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AIK Energy has worked for almost a decade to build trusted relationships with a European network of partners. Contact us today for a quote.

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AIK Energy have worked tirelessly to establish a trustworthy network of organizations and partners across Europe to harmonize local policies with our international  business plan, resulting in correct, long-term commercial connections. AIK Energy collaborates openly and transparently with all the energy authorities and financial institutions.

Our vast experience and understanding of the European energy markets for both physical and virtual commodities, as well as the legislative standardization, give all our partners a clear and wide range of options. AIK Energy succeeds in the highly competitive gas and power market due to our strong commitment to honesty and transparency.


Who we work with

AIK Energy, as a trusted partner, never stand still. We are currently implementing all necessary measures to have AIK Energy Austria GmbH recognized as a licensed gas and electricity trader across all European nations.


Licensed on gas & energy markets

AIK Energy Austria GmbH holds the right to trade and/or supply natural gas and/or power in the following countries: 

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We consider the consequences of each action we take, we strive to minimize our impact on the climate and environment, keeping up with local regulations and energy sector policies.

We work with our staff, clients, and stakeholders to generate added value as a fully wholistic team.

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