AIK Energy Hungary, experienced Natural Gas and Electric traders, supplying Central, Eastern Europe and the United Kingdom.

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AIK Energy Hungary Kft., established in 2019 in Budapest, Hungary. It is a subsidiary and one of the major hubs of AIK Energy Ltd, operating in the sectors of natural gas, power, oil products and renewable energy.

Natural Gas

AIK Energy Hungary Kft. has evolved fast, holding, trading and/ or supplying natural gas licenses alongside AIK Energy Austria and AIK Energy Romania and is gaining permits in three further European countries.


AIK Energy Hungary aims to become an active member of the local energy market, with a primary goal being to provide the best products and services to all partners throughout Europe and the United Kingdom.

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AIK Energy is a European leader in the energy sector, founded in 2013. AIK Energy began as an oil trader and has grown into one of the most well-known names in the business, with trustworthy knowledge and a wide presence across Europe’s major gas and energy markets. We serve a variety of customers across Central and Eastern Europe.

MR. Harald Rainer Kraft
Managing Director AIK Energy Ltd.
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For the best part of the last seven years, AIK Energy have been heavily investing in developing and cementing our position within the European Networks. Recently, in 2019, we set our own ambitious targets and out-performed on those, trading more than 12.5 million MWh of energy and achieving a record annual turnover of £550 Million.


Our highly experienced team have extensive expertise in natural gas supply, acquisition and trading. AIK Energy Hungary are currently in the registration process on the key European gas hubs: Gaspool, NCG, TTF and Zeebrugee, as well as at EEX, the main energy exchange hub.


In Hungary, the volume of electrical production is continuously decreasing, due largely to outdated power plants and decommissioning. This has opened the Hungarian energy market and produced a great opportunity and space for AIK Energy Hungary.

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For more than 10 year, AIK Energy have dedicated their efforts to creating and maintaining trusted relationships with a European-wide network of partners. Contact us today to get a quote.

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AIK Energy have built a reliable network of companies and partners to not only connect local operations with our international business goals but to also establish consistent, long-term business relationships. AIK Energy is open and honest about all commercial activities with all required energy authorities, regulators and financial institutions.


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As a trusted partner, AIK Energy never stands still. Currently, AIK Energy Hungary are developing into a European Gas and Power industry leader. We establish long-lasting business relationships with partners such as:

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AIK Energy are an environmentally aware company that takes great care and concern for the environment. We consider the consequences of every decision we make. We strive to reduce our effect on the climate and environment by adhering to industry standards. For more information on how we could work together, please contact us today.