AIK Energy are experienced trader of Natural Gas and Electric, supplying Central and Eastern Europe and the United Kingdom.

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AIK Energy SRL was established in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova. It is a subsidiary of AIK Energy Ltd. and its activities centre on natural gas and power. Using its expertise in the energy sector, the company provides customised support according to the needs of every customer.


Through our extensive knowledge and understanding of the European Energy sector, for both physical and virtual commodities, all of our partners can choose from a wide variety of products.


Our firm commitment to integrity and transparency allows us to build reliable, long-term relationships, leading AIK Energy to succeed in the competitive gas and electric market. 

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Established in 2013, AIK Energy have become a European leader in the energy sector. Originally formed to trade petroleum products, condensate and crude oil, they have grown into one of the most renowned names in the business, with trusted expertise and a large presence across Europe’s major gas and energy markets. We serve a broad range of customers across Central, Eastern Europe and the United Kingdom.

MR. Harald Rainer Kraft
Managing Director AIK Energy Ltd.
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AIK Energy has invested significantly in recent years in order to stay on the European stage. In 2019, we exceeded our own ambitious targets, trading 12.5 million MWh of energy and generating £550 million in income for the first time.


As a subsidiary of AIK Energy Group, through the experience of our international subsidiaries, AIK Energy Moldova is now preparing for the liberalisation of the Moldavian gas market. Its primary aim is to provide a fair price for the market participants, while connecting with the Romanian and Ukrainian markets. 


The opportunities given by AIK Energy’s network throughout Europe give us the advantage of providing the best services for the Moldavian power sector. AIK Energy Moldova is committed to becoming one of the main local power suppliers, with access to an extensive network of participants in the neighbouring markets.

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AIK Energy has spent the past ten years developing a trustworthy network of connections with a European wide group of partners. Contact us today to get a quote.

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AIK Energy has built a solid network of partners to help us execute our worldwide business plan, resulting in consistent, long-term business connections. AIK Energy is open and upfront with all energy authorities and financial institutions across Central and Eastern Europe. Over time, our honesty and transparency has allowed us to build trustworthy relationships that assist AIK Energy in succeeding in the highly competitive gas and power markets.


Licensed on gas & energy markets

AIK Energy Moldova holds the right to trade and/ or supply natural gas and/ or power in the following countries: 

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We consider seriously the consequences of our actions. We strive to reduce our environmental and climate impact by following regulations and policies in the sector. For more information on how we can work together, contact us today.