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AIK Energy Romania SRL, a subsidiary of AIK Energy Ltd, was established in Bucharest, Romania in 2018. It is an official natural gas and power supplier of Romania, as granted by the Romanian Energy Regulatory Authority.

Natural Gas

AIK Energy Romania provides secure, fair-priced sources of energy for all market participants. Since April 2019, the company has been the countries main importer of gas.


AIK Energy Romania is committed to invest in renewable projects. The group is mindful of the necessity of diversifying its business towards green energy alternatives. 

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AIK Energy is a European leader in the energy sector, having been established in 2013. AIK Energy was originally formed to trade petroleum products, crude oil and condensate, and has grown into one of the most renowned names in the business, with trusted expertise and a large presence across Europe’s major gas and energy markets. We serve a broad range of customers across Central and Eastern Europe.

MR. Harald Rainer Kraft
Managing Director AIK Energy Ltd.
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For the previous several years, AIK Energy has been investing heavily in order to gain and maintain our place on the European stage. We surpassed our own ambitious goals in 2019, trading 12.5 million MWh of energy and generating £550 million in revenue for the first time.


In 2018, AIK Energy Ltd. began operations in the Romanian energy market and sold 1,500,000 MWh of natural gas. In 2019, AIK Energy bought and supplied around 12,500,000 MWh of natural gas. AIK Energy Ltd are currently Romania’s largest gas importer.


AIK Energy is aiming to become the largest Romanian power importers and electricity suppliers. In January 2021, in collaboration with Siemens, AIK Energy established a network of power charging stations throughout the country.

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AIK Energy Ltd and all subsidiaries dedicate ourselves to forging trusted relationships with a European-wide network of partners. Contact us today to get a quote.

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AIK Energy has established a solid network of partners to help us achieve our international business strategy, resulting in consistent, long-term business connections. AIK Energy works openly and honestly with all energy authorities and financial institutions across Central and Eastern Europe. Our honesty and openness allow us to establish reliable, trustworthy relationships over time, which helps AIK Energy succeed in the highly competitive gas and power markets.


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As a trusted partner, AIK Energy are always evolving. AIK Energy Romania is growing into a powerful leader of the gas and power European industry, having tight business relationships with partners such as:


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AIK Energy Romania SRL. holds the right to trade and/or supply natural gas and/or power in the following countries: 

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We take the impact of our actions into consideration. We work to minimize our impact on climate and environment by following laws and policies in this sector. For more information, please contact us today.