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AIK Energy Ltd. began operations on the Romanian energy trading market in 2019, alongside the largest market participants. The organization is always evolving to meet new commercial possibilities and reacts quickly to market volatility.

In 2021AIK Energy Group embarked on an ambitious endeavor. We began the implementation of a new network of power charging stations across Europe in collaboration with Siemens. The goal of the project is that by the end of 2025, the entire 100,000 terminal network will be fully functional in Romania, Germany, The Netherlands, France, and all countries where AIK Energy Group subsidiaries are located.


With a clearly defined mission, to become a company that is among the most powerful energy organizations in Central and Eastern Europe, our team continually succeeds in meeting the needs of an ever-changing landscape capitalizing on the trading opportunities the energy markets offer, such as: Intraday, Day-Ahead, OTC (OPCOM but also on the only active broker from the CEE region – 42 Financial Services), Centralized market of bilateral contracts (CMBC-EA-flex and CMBC-CN) and Cross-border auctions

Engaging on New Markets​

Within the last year, AIK Energy Group through effective working partnerships and our subsidiaries, have swiftly established itself as a major player in the energy business, with monthly trading volumes reaching 70,000 MW (these volumes continue to increase) through the Bucharest Branch alone. Our extensive presence in Europe is continuing to develop as we seek to increase our presence in developing and emerging energy markets.

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AIK Energy has worked for almost a decade to build trusted relationships with a European network of partners. Contact us today for a quote.

Electricity Supply Market

Out of a desire to provide the best products and most affordable services for consumers, in 2020, AIK Energy extended to the electricity supply market, challenging it to raise liquidity and transparency, promoting trust among customers by not only meeting but exceeding their highest expectations.

Green Energy

AIK Energy Ltd. are committed to investing in wind farms and photovoltaic (solar) projects. Given the present challenges facing our planet and the energy industry’s need to transition into green and other renewable energies, the AIK energy Group is aware of the need to diversify its business into environmentally friendly energy alternatives.

2020 - 2021

Electricity Label

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We consider the consequences of each action we take, we strive to minimise our impact on the climate and environment, keeping up with local regulations and energy sector policies.

We work with our staff, clients, and stakeholders to generate added value as a fully wholistic team.

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Founded in 2013, AIK Energy Ltd is focused on trading petroleum products, crude oil and condensate. Now trading with all energy products including gas and power, AIK Energy has now become a true leader in wholesale energy distribution.

© 2022 AIK Energy Ltd. All Rights Reserved. AIK Energy is a trademark of AIK Energy Ltd. Company No. 8636666.
© 2021 AIK Energy Ltd. All Rights Reserved. AIK Energy is a trademark of AIK Energy Ltd. Company No. 8636666.

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