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The core of AIK Energy is dated back in 2013, the year when AIK Trading Ltd. (currently AIK ENERGY Ltd.) was founded in the United Kingdom, its activity being focused on trading gas, power, petroleum products, crude oil and condensate across the whole Central and Eastern Europe.

What we do

AIK ENERGY took fore-front position in natural gas supply and starting with 2015 has been developing and consolidating gradually on the European markets, achieving at the end of 2019 its forecast of 12,500,000 MWh traded, generating a turnover of 550.000.000 Pounds. On the Romanian wholesale gas market, AIK Energy was the second largest supplier in Q1/2019, with a market share of 17,2%, in addition to being positioned by ANRE (Romanian Energy Regulatory Authority) as the largest importer of natural gas in Romania. 

The above-mentioned achievements and the genuine, continuous growth oits activity on the market underline the sustainability of AIK Energy LTD’s strategy and performance. 

Our Team

Experienced, diversified and well-balanced, our team of senior professionals brings extensive expertise in management, finance legal and operations, in addition to the particularities of the energy industry.  

Our certified traders have solid know how for modern trading technologies, aiming to streamline the links between acquisition and sale.  

The diversity of the AIK Energy team allows us to have a unique understanding and be well connected in numerous energy markets, while bringing first-hand experience in the region, from Central and Eastern Europe to the Middle East. 

Aik Energy LTD

TrustED Partner

We are a trusted and reliable partner – AIK Energy developed a trusted network of companies and partners to align the local practices with our international business vision, forming  accurate, long-term business relations AIK Energy is in constant collaboration with all energy authorities and financial institutions in Central and Eastern Europe. 

Our extensive knowledge and understanding of the European Energy markets for both physical and virtual commodities, alongside the constant harmonization of the legislative variation give all our partners a clear and wide variety of products to choose from. 


Our strong commitment to integrity and transparency allows us to build reliable, trustworthy, long-term relationships, leading AIK Energy to succeed on the highly competitive gas and power market. 

Natural Gas

AIK Energy Ltd. aims to become one of the largest natural gas traders on the market in United Kingdom. 

Our extensive expertise on natural gas in Europe and the gas Middle East give us leverage and qualifies us to be a reliable partner on all business matters related to the natural gas industry. We developed a trading network over Europe through our subsidiaries in United Kingdom, Austria, Hungary, Romania, Ukraine and Republic of Moldova, network that in 2019 traded 12,5 Million MWh. 

Our expansion plans involve increasing both our grid of partners as well as our European presence by opening new offices in the region, starting with Greece, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy, France, The Czech Republic and Belgium.


In the short time since the company has become active in the energy industry, the volumes traded through the Bucharest Branch reached 70.000 MW per month and continue to increase in a sustainable way. 

Since 2020 AIK Energy extended its activity to the electricity supply market, challenging it to raise liquidity and transparency, promoting trust among customers by meeting their highest expectations. 

Also, of special mention is AIK Energy LTD’s commitment to invest in windfarms and photovoltaic projects. The group is mindful of the necessity of diversifying its business towards green energy alternatives given the current evolving transition scenario the energy industry is facing. 

2021 marks the beginning of an ambitious project: AIK Energy started to implement in Europe a new network of power charging stations, the first units being already active in Bucharest and Sinaia. 

Licensed on gas & energy markets

AIK Energy Ltd. has been officially, starting with 2020, a licensed gas shipper in the United Kingdom for both import and export (access the license here).  

Licensed Gas Shipper

AIK Energy Ltd. UK extended its activity on the European markets and now holds the right of trading/ supplying gas and/ or energy in the following countries: 

  • Slovakia: 
  • Hungary: 
    • registered as a gas trader – Limited License for Gas Trading and Operation, issued by the local Energy and Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (HEA): English versionHungarian version; 
    • registered as a power trader – Limited License for Electricity Trading and Operation, issued by the local Energy and Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (HEA): English versionHungarian version;

     *license annex – change of address: English versionHungarian version. 

AIK Energy Ltd.’s mid-term plan counts among its objectives becoming a licensed electricity trader in Bulgaria and also a licensed gas and electricity trader in France and Spain, objectives that will lead to an increment of the activity by at least 30%.


AIK Energy Ltd. is growing into a strong leader of the gas and power European industry, having tight business relationships with partners such as:

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AIK Energy LTD

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We consider the impact of every action we take. With this in mind, we continuously work on minimizing our impact on the climate and environment, complying with the laws and policies in the sector. 

We are partners with our employees, customers and stakeholders in order to create added value. 

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