What we do

What we do

AIK Group Ltd. is an energy and commodities trading holding registered in London, United Kingdom, under the company number 10817343. 

AIK Energy emerged from the belief that a solid knowledge of trading with energy products combined with the entrepreneurial spirit of a dedicated and experienced management will pave the way towards a successful and proliferating business. 

Driven by strong values of equity, humanity, transparency, environmental responsibility, innovation, professionalism and flexibility, the company encountered a rapid growth on the European markets. 

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Turning big ideas into great services.

We work on the forefront of innovation and technology to take products from an idea all the way to the end consumer. 

Natural Gas

Our innovative process of development

AIK Energy is in a continuous process of creation and development of a new entrepreneurial form of energy sale and production within the national economies of several European states. Our aim is to improve the relation between producers and end consumers.    

AIK Energy benefits of a strong presence on the energy  markets across Central and Eastern Europe. The subsidiaries are licensed for trading and/ or supplying natural gas and/ or power in United Kingdom, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania, Czech Republic, Italy, Greece, Republic of Moldova and Ukraine. At the same time, we are an active player on the trading markets and hubs in Europe: VTP Austria, CEGH, CEEGEX, MGP Hungary, OPCOM, ESP Gazprom, BRM and so on. 

An important part of our gas portfolio is formed by stored gas, transit capacities and flexible contracts. In addition to the trading activity, we secure the natural gas volumes from a diversified range of supply contracts. 


Our energy solutions for businesses

Since its inception on the Romanian energy trading market in 2019, AIK Energy Ltd. through its Bucharest Branch, operated successfully alongside the biggest market participants. Our leverage is our keen team, adapting in real time to all commercial opportunities, while responding rapidly to the market’s volatility. 

In addition to our vast presence in Europe, we are in process of developing and acquiring new positions on emerging energy markets through cross-border transactions while consolidating our subsidiaries in Austria, Hungary, Republic of Moldova, Ukraine and Romania. 

In order to consolidate the group on the international level, we are in process of establishing our presence and/ or registration in Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, France, Bulgaria, Croatia, Montenegro, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Serbia, Albania, Poland and Turkey.  
Our main clients and business partners are wholesalers, producers, industrial users, importers, distributors such as DTEK, Axpo, Ezpada or Hidroelectrica. 

“Today AIK Energy Ltd. is considered to be a wellestablished and reliable trading partner in Central and South-East Europe 

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