What We Do

What we do

AIK Energy

AIK Group Ltd. is an energy and commodities trading holding registered in London, United Kingdom, under the company number 10817343. 

The goal of AIK Energy is to leverage an extensive understanding of trading energy products in combination with a determined and experienced management to build a successful, profitable and expanding business.

Driven by our strong values of equity, humanity, transparency, environmental responsibility, innovationprofessionalism and flexibility, AIK Energy has experienced rapid growth in the European markets.


AIK Energy Group Ltd. is a leading trader of Energy products in Europe with a goal to expand the business further across continental Europe.


AIK Energy Group Ltd. is a trustworthy and reliable trading partner with strong core values that have paved the way to successful partnerships in the European market.

Our Services

Energy Solutions

AIK Energy is at the forefront of technology and innovation, using cutting-edge hardware to create goods from a concept to the consumer. We are in the process of establishing our presence and/or a registration in Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, France, Bulgaria, Croatia, Montenegro, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Serbia, Albania, Poland and Turkey.

Natural Gas

Within the economies of several European nations, AIK Energy is continuously developing a new entrepreneurial type of energy sale and production. Our goal is to enhance the connection between producers and customers.

Stored gas, transit capacity, and flexible contracts make up a significant part of AIK Group’s gas portfolio. We also maintain natural gas volumes from a diverse range of supply contracts.


AIK Energy Ltd. has succeeded in surviving and thriving alongside other major market participants since the inception on the Bucharest facility in 2019. Our strength is our experienced staff, who adapt to all commercial possibilities in real time and react promptly to market volatility.

We are in process of securing our new positions in the emerging energy markets of Austria, Hungary, Republic of Moldova, Ukraine and Romania. 

Trusting Partners

Our Main Business Partners

AIK Energy Ltd. are a well–established and reliable trading partner in Central and South-East Europe.

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We consider the consequences of each action we take, we strive to minimise our impact on the climate and environment, keeping up with local regulations and energy sector policies.

We work with our staff, clients, and stakeholders to generate added value as a fully wholistic team.

For more information on how we can work together, contact us today.

Founded in 2013, AIK Energy Ltd is focused on trading petroleum products, crude oil and condensate. Now trading with all energy products including gas and power, AIK Energy has now become a true leader in wholesale energy distribution.

© 2022 AIK Energy Ltd. All Rights Reserved. AIK Energy is a trademark of AIK Energy Ltd. Company No. 8636666.
© 2021 AIK Energy Ltd. All Rights Reserved. AIK Energy is a trademark of AIK Energy Ltd. Company No. 8636666.

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